Living The HeartLife... Letting Go Of The Hard Life


Destined to become a classic in the personal/spiritual development genre, Living The HeartLife... Letting Go Of The Hard Life, is a simple yet profound guide that is transforming the lives of thousands. Week after week this little treasure is finding its way into the hands and hearts of people all over the world, with no advertising!  

Letting go of the hard life is not an overnight or 6-week, or 3-month miracle, "snap-your-fingers" and everything is rosy, kind of process. You may have read countless other self-help books promising you the moon by just "visualizing" what you want and then a few weeks later you're once again disappointed by nothing new showing up. We're talking about a lifetime process In this book you'll discover why this keeps happening to you - we don't sugar-coat the truth. - the process of evolving away from the human ego way of living and towards your truer, more divine nature, in your earthly, miraculous body! 

Take a peek inside, read the first chapter and see if you're ready to be living the heartlife.

This book will reveal, in simple terms, 5 key heart qualities, that when practiced, will gradually and naturally transform your world of stuggle, scarcity, unfulfilling relationships, poor health etc. into a life that is being directed by your heart and its infinite wisdom, love, acceptance and abundance!

And to support you in having even greater success with the HeartLife information, Cynthia Wand provides incredible life coaching centered around the HeartLife model of transformation. Learn more about Cynthia's holistic wellness/life coaching here.

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